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The Future is Circular

Don't buy office furniture,

subscribe to it.

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NorNorm is a fully circular, subscription-based furnishing model. Their ambition for today's workspaces is simple: integrate circularity into their foundation and demonstrate how it can benefit individuals, design, business practices and the environment.

They provide businesses with workspace solutions that meet their needs as they change. From planning, to design, implementation and evaluation — they build spaces that eliminate unnecessary waste, adapt to all 'new normals' and are actually cost-conscious.

Their mission is to make workspaces better — for the people they serve, the businesses they house and the planet they impact. All so you can focus on what really matters — creating the best work of your life.

Monthly Subscription 

affordable and effective

NorNorm's subscriptions don't just deliver quality furniture, they provide every additional service that enables a complete and circular workspace.

What's included:

  • Design of your workspace

  • All the furniture you need

  • Delivery, assembly & setup

  • Flexibility to change whenever

  • Removal of existing furniture

  • Service and management via our app

Style Expressions

Nordic Light  /  Nordic Dark  /  Nordic Black & White

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