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About Us

Service, Sustainability & Flexibility

Serenity as Fuel

Find your focus. Everyone works better in a peaceful environment with plenty of natural daylight and beautiful views of the Amstel river. An oasis that stimulates productivity and creativity. Serenity serves as fuel for creative thinking while good facilities form the basis.

Ideal circumstances if you ask us. But feel free to request a tour to experience it for yourself.


Everyone does their best - at home, but as an entrepreneur too. We try to help by making Amstel62 a home for companies that work on a sustainable future. Because we all profit from healthy, sustainable growth.


That is why we work with: 


  • 100% green energy from Vandebron

  • Ecologically responsible cleaning products

  • Minimize the use of single-use products 

  • Fair Trade & organic coffee

  • Sustainable partners such as The Good Roll.

Becoming more sustainable is an ongoing process and there’s always something to improve. Have a suggestion? We'd love to hear from you.


Your company is always in motion, that’s something we understand as fellow entrepreneurs. That is why we’re open to conversation in case your company's needs change. Because we believe in human contact and contracts.


There is more than enough room at Amstel62 and all hygiene measures are taken care of (e.g. air circulation and regular cleaning).

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